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What Is Car Insurance?

Car insurance is effectively a contract between yourself and an insurance company in which you agree to pay premiums in exchange for protection against financial losses stemming from an accident or other damage to the vehicle1. Auto insurance can offer coverage for:

  • Vehicle damages, including your car or another driver’s vehicle
  • Property damage or bodily injuries caused by an accident
  • Medical bills and/or funeral expenses associated with injuries sustained in an accident

The exact details of what’s covered depend on the minimum coverage requirements for your state and any additional coverage options you choose to include. Every state except New Hampshire requires drivers to have a minimum amount of bodily injury liability coverage and property damage liability coverage.

How much is insurance for a new driver?

On average, new drivers can expect to pay $1,582 per year for minimum-coverage and $3,867 per year for full-coverage insurance. However, car insurance rates vary greatly depending on your age, where you live and other factors such as your credit score.

How does experience affect car insurance rates?

Auto insurance companies consider a broad range of factors to determine rates, including driving experience. People with little to no driving history tend to be significantly riskier to insure, so they’ll have to pay higher premiums during the first few years of their driving careers. However, as you spend more time behind the wheel, you’ll see your insurance rates begin to fall.

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Insurance companies only consider driving experience within the U.S., so immigrants and foreign nationals pay higher premiums as well, even with foreign driving experience.

Cheap car insurance florida

Looking for cheap auto insurance in Florida? Check out the 10 locations below:

  1. Affordable Auto Insurance
    – Address : 4010 University Blvd W, Jacksonville, FL 32217, USA
    – Hours : Closes at 18:00
    – Phone : +1 904-731-7707
  2. Affordable Car Insurance Tampa
    – Address : 12421 N Florida Ave suite 200-b, Tampa, FL 33612, USA
    – Hours :Closes at 19:00
    – Phone : +1 813-328-1985
  3. Cheap Car Insurance Guru
    – Address : 12421 N Florida Ave Suite 211-Z, Tampa, FL 33612, USA
    – Hours : Closes at 19:00
    – Phone : +1 614-954-1197
  4. Cheap Car Insurance
    -Address : 5001 Philips Hwy Lot 59, Jacksonville, FL 32207, USA
    -Hours :Open all day
    -Phone : +1 904-533-7798
  5. Cheap Car Insurance Tampa
    – Service area: Tampa
    – Hours :Closes at 19:00
    – Phone : +1 813-602-1647
  6. Affordable Insurance of Orlando
    – Address : 709 W Oak Ridge Rd, Orlando, FL 32809, USA
    – Service area: Orlando
    – Hours :Closes at 17:00
    – Phone : +1 321-200-0743
  7. A Affordable Auto Assurance
    – Address : 4615 10th Ave N, Lake Worth, FL 33463, USA
    – Phone : +1 561-965-0733
  8. Apex Low-Cost Car Insurance Deerfield Beach FL
    -Address : 427 NW 1st Terrace A, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441, USA
    -Hours :Open all day
    -Phone : +1 754-227-8993
  9. A Affordable Insurance
    -Address : 540 W International Speedway Blvd, Daytona Beach, FL 32114, USA
    -Service area: Volusia County and surrounding areas
    -Hours :Closes at 17:00
    -Phone : +1 386-253-8511
  10. Cheap Car Insurance
    -Address : 6310 Pine Meadow Way, Bradenton, FL 34202, USA
    -Hours :Open all day
    -Phone : +1 941-265-0122

You can see more places to buy car insurance in Florida by following this link: Google Maps

Cheap car insurance ireland

Looking for cheap auto insurance in Florida? Check out the locations below:

  1. Compare Insurance Ireland – Car Insurance, Home, Travel, Business, Van Insurance
    -Service options: No online appointment allowed · No onsite service
    -Address : Carraig Court, George’s Ave, Blackrock, Co. Dublin, Ireland
    -Service area: Ireland
    -Hours :Closed Opens at 9:00 Mar Early May Bank Holiday may affect these hours
    -Province : Leinster
    -Phone : +353 42 935 9090
    -Appointment schedule : compareinsuranceireland.ie

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