There are many types of insurance for children such as health insurance, health insurance, life insurance. So where to buy these reputable types of insurance?

Where to get health insurance for children under 6 years old?

Health insurance is a type of non-profit insurance protected by the State. According to the Law on Health Insurance, children under 6 years old will be issued a free health insurance card valid until the child is 72 months old. In case the child is 72 months old but has not yet entered the school year, the health insurance card is valid until September 30 of that year.

Families can make health insurance cards for children under 6 years old for free at the place of permanent residence registration or birth registration (People’s Committees of communes, wards and townships).

Dossier to issue a health insurance card for a child under 6 years old includes the following documents:

  •    Declaration of participation in health insurance of organizations, individuals and households, for first-time participants of health insurance;
  •    Birth certificate (original or valid copy);
  •    Registration book.

It is best that when the family registers the birth of the baby at the People’s Committee, they should register for health insurance at the same time to receive the card as soon as possible.

The time to issue a new health insurance card for a child under 6 years old is not more than 5 days from the date of receipt of a valid application.

Medical facilities where families can register for primary care for children under 6 years old include:

  •     Commune health stations and equivalent, maternity homes;
  •     General and specialized clinics;
  •     General and specialized hospital.

Where can I buy health insurance for my baby?

Health insurance package is a product of a non-life insurance company. Currently, there are 2 ways to buy health insurance for children, which is to buy directly or register online right on the company’s website. 

, Do you know where to buy insurance for your baby is reputable?

With direct purchase, you can choose one of the following channels : at the company’s main office or branch, through insurance agents, at a bank associated with the insurance company.

When buying directly, you need to pay attention to the transaction location on time, the procedure to prepare is the baby’s birth certificate and the identity card of the father or mother. After listening to benefits and choosing a product, the customer will fill out  an Insurance Claim Form  with basic information of the baby and parents. After filling out the form, the customer submits it and waits for instructions/appointment to receive the insurance policy from the insurance company. Normally, customers can come to the transaction location to receive the contract or the company will send it by post to the address you registered. A full set of policies including Certificate of Insurance, Policy of Insurance, Additional Terms (if any) and Guarantee Card (if eligible for card issuance).

In addition, customers can call the switchboard for phone advice and the insurance company is ready to come to the place to advise customers, ensuring customers’ comfort and trust.

When registering online on the company’s website, you just need to go to the health insurance product section, press register and calculate the premium, then follow the instructions on the website, including filling in personal information and answering the questions. question (if any). Then you will immediately see how much to pay. If you still need to buy insurance, please leave your contact information so that the company can easily contact you again. Regarding the insurance policy via the online channel, you can register to receive it via courier at the desired address or receive an electronic Certificate of Insurance (as valid as a paper copy) via email. When registering online, you need to pay special attention to register correctly on the official website of the insurance company.

As for premium payment, you can also pay the total premium calculated from the previous step to the insurance company through  premium payment channels .

Where can I get life insurance for my baby?

Parents wishing to participate in life insurance for their children can go directly to the life insurance company’s office during business hours to receive detailed advice on products and contracts.

The company’s authorized agents are an official and reputable channel to help customers participate in any province or city. The agent’s advisors will help customers analyze their financial needs and capabilities so that they can build a suitable financial protection plan together with the customer.

, Do you know where to buy insurance for your baby is reputable?

In addition, the bancassurance channel (buying insurance through a cooperative bank partner) is also a reputable and popular channel for customers to choose to buy insurance while using the bank’s services. Customers can go to a branch of a bank that cooperates with an insurance company to receive advice and register to buy life insurance for their baby.

In addition, some companies cooperate with major distributors in the market to sell cancer insurance products online such as Tiki, customers only need to register online, pay online fees and receive an electricity insurance contract. death via email.

Regardless of the channels purchased, customers are still guaranteed insurance benefits and are managed by the life insurance company. However, it should be noted that insurance agents or distributors are not organizations providing insurance products and will not be directly responsible for insurance products.

No matter which channel you buy life insurance for your baby, you must go through 4 basic steps including: Declaration of information – payment of fees – appraisal – contract issuance. And the required procedure includes the identity card / identity card and the birth certificate of the child.

Depending on the needs of each product, parents can buy insurance for their baby anywhere across the country through traditional channels or online.