iOS 16 has been released by Apple with a lot of great features that make users have to upgrade immediately for their iPhone. In which the feature of adding widgets to the lock screen is a great feature. So soon I will share how to add Google Lens to the iPhone lock screen with you guys.

How to add Google Lens to iPhone lock screen

Adding Google lenses to the iPhone lock screen is very easy, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Press and hold the lock screen, select Customize > Continue to select Lock screen to perform screen customization operations.

Step 2: Click on Add widget > At the list of utilities, click on Google to add this widget to the lock screen.

Step 3: Here, swipe right to find Google Lens or you can choose other Google utilities such as Voice Search, and Search,…

Thus, I have shown how to add Google lenses to the iPhone lock screen for everyone. Hope this article is helpful to everyone. If you find it interesting, please share the article and comment below to discuss more.