Notification on the phone-this is a useful feature on the iPhone 14 . With the communication feature on the phone will allow you to track information quickly and easily. If you are currently using the iPhone 14 series and want to customize the notification style to suit your needs then in the following article Aho Tech Shop store will guide you a how to change the notification style on iPhone 14 series. Let’s find out with us!

How to change the notification style on iPhone 14

Step 1. Right on the iPhone 14 line, you have three common ways to see notifications: numbers, stacks, and lists. You can select the display type for all apps or for each app separately by going to Settings => click Notifications => tap select Notification type in the show as section above to customize the display type for all apps.

, How to change the notification style on iPhone 14 series

Step 2. If you want to customize individually for each application. It will scroll down a little. Find and select the app that has the type of notification you want to customize. Select it and select the notification type on the screen.

, How to change the notification style on iPhone 14 series

In addition, you can also view the message content by selecting the preview display box => click the display type content can choose Always, When Unlocked, not but to protect your information more secure, we recommend you choose “When Unlocked” or “no”.

, How to change the notification style on iPhone 14 series


What Have you experienced with the iPhone 14? Tell me and everyone in the comments below. I wish you to make changes to the notification style on the iPhone successful. Finally, share the article to everyone if you find this article useful. Thanks for watching this article.

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