Famous for its luxurious design, stable operating system. And most importantly, the camera design is super-sharp, and authentic Apple products are especially young people are iPhone models because they know about the outstanding features. In today’s post I will share it with you how to install camera on iPhone make your photos brighter and sharper, with the right resolution for your phone!. Let’s find out through this article!

How to install camera on iPhone

Step 1. First, you need to open the Application” Settings “up => next, you click on” Camera “ = > click on”Format”.

, How to install camera on iPhone take full advantage of cool features

Step 2. In the “formatting” section, click “high performance” (high image quality). Or most compatible (suitable capacity.

, How to install camera on iPhone take full advantage of cool features

Then go back to “Camera” => click Record video. In this video recording function, the higher you choose fps mode, the smoother and sharper the video quality will be.

Step 3. In the “Record Video” section, tap to select the resolution you want. Then go back to the “Camera” section and turn it on if you want to use the setting. For example, in the image below, I turned on the Smart HDR button.

, How to install camera on iPhone take full advantage of cool features

Smart HDR mode balances image quality between surroundings. And skin tone by combining the best parts of the individual exposure into a single image.


So, we have taught you how to install the camera for iPhone. Good luck and continue to support me in the following articles! Goodbye and see you in the next post.

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