To make it easier to separate people and objects in the image to work with other tasks. With iOS 16, your iPhone 14 series phone will be able to quickly isolate the subjects in the photo with just one touch. Let’s immediately see how to separate people from photos on iPhone 14 series through the following article.

How to separate people from photos on iPhone 14

Step 1: First, open the photo library on your device and select the photo you want to separate. Then, use your hand to press and hold on to the person/thing you want to separate until a light line appears running along the person, that is you have successfully separated.

Step 2: Next, you can choose to Copy or Share to send the split image to where you want to use it.  Or you can also use one hand to hold the split image and open another app with the other hand. When the other application finishes starting, you need to drop the split image into that application and you‘re done, use it.

The above is a way to help you quickly remove the subjects in the image. Try it out and tell yourself and everyone how you feel about it in the comments below. Finally, share the article with everyone if you find it useful. Thank you for watching.