Viettel, Vinaphone and MobiFone are currently the largest GMS mobile carriers in Vietnam today, and have all opened “money shooting”service. It is known to be an extremely convenient service of the carrier for subscribers, and you can share account balances for each other.

You already know how to shoot viettel money Is MobiFone and VinaPhone right?. Or transfer money between subscribers? If not, please see the following article to know how to catch the money of each carrier quickly, simple. 

How to shoot Viettel carrier money

Viettel prepaid customers can transfer money in accounts to each other from mobile phones, flexible at all times without having to register monthly subscription fee thanks to Viettel’s I-Share service.

External Viettel services how to shoot Money Viettel to Viettel, then how to shoot Viettel money to Mobi, Or Vina. Viettel in Vietnam has been around for a long time. But it’s very little to be concerned about because there are many better choices. However, sometimes users do not need because there are still cases that do not allow and shooting money from Viettel to Mobifone will be the way to save you in that case

How to make money transfer as follows:

Sign up for MK money transfer

First of all users will have to register for an 8 digit money transfer password by texting syntax MK Tianjin send to 136 (Free).


  1. This password is only issued once
  2. It is possible to ask again by calling 19008198 for VND200/min, and can be exchanged by calling up to 900

Money transfer

  • Dial: You enter syntax *136 * < transfer password > * <phone number to receive money> * < transfer amount > # then press OK / Call done.

For example: *136*12345678* 0377xxxxxx * 100000# and click OK

  • SMS messages: You compose message in syntax Tk < transfer password > <receipt phone number > < transfer amount> send 136.
  • By USSD

Step 1: You press * 136# and press call / OK.

Step 2: Press 1 key (money transfer feature).

Step 3: Enter the receipt phone number.

Step 4: Enter the transfer amount.

Step 5: Enter the money transfer password. That’s it.


  • The maximum amount for each transfer is 50,000 VND / time.
  • The maximum amount of transfer / receipt in 1 day of 1 subscription is 300,000 VND / subscription / day
  • Service fee 2,000 VND/transfer (for transfers below 20,000 VND)
  • Transfer fee of VND20, 000 or more corresponding 15% of the transfer amount

Besides, Viettel’s I-Share only transfers money, not transfers date of use. If you have any questions, please contact 198 (free )for detailed answers offline!

How to shoot money on MobiFone

Not only Viettel, Mobifone also launched a similar service called M2U, with this service it allows Mobifone’s prepaid subscriber to transfer money in his main account to another subscriber on the same network as a prepaid subscriber. With simple syntax, convenient and fast.

, How to shoot Money Viettel MobiFone VinaPhone

How to transfer money MobiFone

To use this service users need:

Password registration

Users need to register the password using the USSD method, press *117*password want to use*password want to use# and then press OK Key (where the maximum password has 5 digits)

Next to that, if you want to change the password shoot Money MobiFone, you click: *118 * old password * new password*new password# then press OK.

Money transfer

Compose *119 * receipt phone number*transfer amount*password# then press OK 

Examples: *119*0904xxxxxx*50000 * 12345# then click OK


  • Maximum transfer amount / 1 time transfer is: 50,000 VND
  • Minimum transfer amount when performing shooting service at least 1000 VND / time
  • Maximum transfer per day for subscribers is 300,000 VND / day.
  • MobiFone money shooting service fee: 15% minus the original account of the subscriber making the money transfer
  • The provider requires that prepaid subscribers who wish to transfer funds must be in operational condition (2-way); subscribers who receive funds When Locked 2-way will be open to the network and receive 1 day of use.
  • This money transfer service does not come with donation days of use

How to shoot Money VinaPhone

Just like Viettel, MobiFone. VinaFone also offers 2friends money transfer service. Is a money transfer service between prepaid subscribers of VinaPhone

In addition to 2Friends service Vina carrier also provides additional money transfer service Sensi brings many utilities for customers to use. 

, How to shoot Money Viettel MobiFone VinaPhone

Conditions to use Vinaphone carrier transfer service:

Money transfer subscription:

  • Money transfer subscription is a 2 way upfront active subscription 
  • Subscribers have uptime >=360 days from sim activation
  • The amount in the account is greater than the amount of transfers and service fees
  • Firing fee: 15% of the firing amount, except directly to the transferor account
  • The amount of transfers per time is a minimum of 5,000 VND, a maximum of 50,000 VND and each day is allowed to transfer and receive a maximum amount of 500,000 VND / day

Subscribers receive money

  • Active prepaid subscribers include new subscribers
  • Prepaid subscription locked 1 way
  • Prepaid subscription is locked 2-way and also within the number hold period on the system.

Transfer fee

From VND 5,000 to vnd 9,000 :VND 1,000 per transaction.

From 10,000 VND to 29,000 vnd: 2,000 VND / transaction.

From VND 30,000 to vnd 50,000: VND 3,000 per transaction.

From VND 51,000 to vnd 100,000: 5% of transfer/ transaction.

How to transfer money Vinaphone

Password registration

  • To be able to transfer money you need to register for the service by composing the syntax: DK send number 999
  • After that,you will receive notifications from the system and receive a password, a 6-digit password. 
  • The password is only granted once, want to retrieve the message MK sent 999, want to exchange compose “Dmk_ old password_new password” and send 999(the sign is a space). 

Money transfer

There are 2 ways to transfer money via SIM Vina later:

  • Way 1: Compose syntax: CT Password_sđt receive_money send 999.

Example: CT 123456 0912xxxxxx 50000

  • Way 2: Press on the keyboard: * 999 * password * receive money* amount # call.

For example: *999*123456* 0912xxxxxx * 50000 # then click OK

In there:

  • Password: is the 6 digit number sequence just registered service 2Friends
  • Get the money: is the phone number the recipient of the money

Amount: Record the amount you need to transfer (minimum transfer 5,000 VND and maximum 100,000 VND).

Here are the ways to shoot Money SIM Viettel to Viettel, MobiFone, VinaPhone simply help you share account balance to other subscribers conveniently and quickly. With just a few simple taps directly on the phone you should pocket. If you find the article useful, share it with your friends and don’t forget to comment!

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