As you know, the Live Activity feature on iPhone running iOS 16 is supported only by some apps. But if you want to track the results of football matches in this 2022 World Cup season then today Aho Tech Shop will guide you how to track the 2022 World Cup on Live Activities through an application called FotMob. Do it now!

How to track the 2022 World Cup score on Live Activities

Step 1. With this app, you can easily find and download from the Apple Store App Store. Click the link below to immediately access where to download the app. This app also has version for Android phones. So if you need to, you can also download the link below.

  • Download the FotMob app for iOS
  • FotMob download apps for Android

Step 2. After the successful upload, you proceed to open the application up, the interface of the application is quite intuitive. To find the match you want to track. All you have to do is choose the date of the match on it. Select the game you want to track and click on the star in the top right corner of the screen as shown below to mark. Now the score of this 2022 World Cup match is displayed on Live Activities on your iPhone.

, How to track the 2022 World Cup score on the lock screen for iPhone

Step 3. If this feature is turned on but not yet available. You can go to settings to see if your phone is enabled with live Activities enabled. Go to Settings = > click Face ID & Passcode = > turn on the Switch in the live Activity section and you’re done.

, How to track the 2022 World Cup score on the lock screen for iPhone


Wish you success to stay up to date on the results of the World Cup 2022 fastest. Let us know in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share the article if it’s helpful. Thank you for reading the article.

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