Users reflect the iPhone is hot when using, or when charging fast. This is a common problem for many Apple users. The phenomenon of heat generation when using electronic devices is understandable but if the condition lasts for a while, this will lead to damage the link of the machine. If your iPhone is experiencing this condition, refer to 7 how to fix a hot iPhone you should know the following, to prolong the experience of using the machine, save on repair costs offline!

Causes iPhone to heat up

Some reasons may cause the iPhone to overheat as follows:

  • the iPhone uses the machine continuously for long periods of time without stopping.
  • your iPhone activates too many apps and causes them to run underground on your phone.
  • your iPhone is charging using a phone or a low-quality charging cable.
  • Damaged iPhone batteries cause the machine to work excessively leading to overheating
  • your iPhone uses the device under the sun, strong light or high room temperature

, Top 7 ways to fix a hot iPhone you should know

7 ways to fix a hot iPhone

Turn off background apps that you don’t use

How many apps do you open on your phone in a day and how many apps do you really need? Once activated, the application will continue to run even if it does not open on the screen and will be constantly updated by the system. This makes it easier and faster to reuse without having to wait for the app to be reactivated from scratch.

However, this will be a point unless the system works continuously easy to lead to hot air. You should take note and remember to turn off the app if you don’t use too much. This will quickly deplete your battery and help the device cool down even more.

, Top 7 ways to fix a hot iPhone you should know

Limit the use of iPhones in the sun, where the temperature is high.

During use, the machine exudes some amount of heat. However, if you use it directly in the light, sunny outdoors or on the cushion, the heat level increases very quickly! If required situation should only use the machine when necessary and resolve the work quickly. And it is necessary to use the frame held on the hand instead of on the cushion and other heat-retaining places.

, Top 7 ways to fix a hot iPhone you should know

Update your iPhone to the latest version of iOS

The OS version is too old for the current version. You should consider upgrading to a new OS that makes the machine vulnerable to lag, slow and battery drain . Updating to a new operating system, your device has many new features that can fix some existing errors, including abnormal hot status: go to general settings in Settings => Software Update.

, Top 7 ways to fix a hot iPhone you should know

Using Wi-Fi instead of mobile data

Similarly, if you allow your iPhone to use 3G, 4G, or Bluetooth mobile data, your device will constantly search and work to stay connected. Use the Wi-Fi network as soon as possible and turn off other connectivity features!

, Top 7 ways to fix a hot iPhone you should know

Check Battery Status, battery level

The battery is the part involved in the heat generation on the iPhone. If the battery condition is good, your device is working with good productivity without causing any damage or pressure in the system and vice versa. During use, the battery capacity naturally decreases and the device must operate at the same power level. Air heating may occur.

In addition to displaying battery status, it is in the Battery section of the iPhone settings. You can also use Tuesday party apps to get more specific and detailed information!

, Top 7 ways to fix a hot iPhone you should know

Notes during battery charging

During the energy transition of the current on the iPhone. The heat up like this happens very well. There are many signs when charging the battery, such as: paying attention to usage, connecting the original charger, removing the case, using the iPad charger instead, etc.v. This is an important step to extend battery life for your device.

, Top 7 ways to fix a hot iPhone you should know

Go to warranty Center

If you find your iPhone warming up too fast for the time you use your phone. I recommend you bring your phone to the warranty center to be checked. And require replacement repair from professional training team.


So you already know how to fix the iPhone hot machine. Hopefully, the article provides you with useful information to fix your hot air condition. I wish you success. Thank you for following the article. If you find it or share this article to everyone to discuss it too! See you in other posts!

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